Volunteers, a Park and Some Flip Cup

AWESOME day 5 started in a park and ended in a park.

June 8, 2012 was my company’s day of volunteering.  It’s a wonderful initiative that calls all employees across the country (tens of thousands) to take the day to volunteer at hundreds of preplanned activities.  This year, I volunteered to lead one of these events.

My event: gardening and painting at Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side

It was truly an awesome day.  I organized 80 volunteers to work with Partnership for Parks to do landscape work on a portion of the park and paint nearly the ENTIRE perimeter of the fence.

I summoned my energy to motivate the volunteers (motivational speeches were requested and received!) and run between projects keeping everything on track. At one point the Park’s manager asked me if I was “always this energetic” – a project that requires hyper-ness?  I think I’ve found my calling.

The day was a success.  I met a great deal of new employees and bonded with some current group-mates.  The Park’s employees were extremely thankful (they depend on volunteers to keep NYC’s parks looking great).

After we were through beatifying the park, we headed to an on-the-water drinking spot at the Hudson River.  The party got started and we celebrated the day’s successes (with lots of free booze and quesadillas… and maybe a little flip cup…).

After the party my co-worker and very good friend and I walked about 30 blocks downtown to the edge of Central Park.  We sat by one of the fountains with loads of other New Yorkers, reflected on our day and took in our city.

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