The Hip Scarf Experience

Day 10 I found myself on the west side of Manhattan wearing a hip scarf.  Today’s the day I took my first belly dancing class. The closest I’ve come to belly-dancing before this was at restaurants that provided entertainment during dinner.  I decided moving my hips in new ways could be a great activity for day 10…

I was right.  I had an awesome experience and greatly enjoyed learning to drop my hips in fluid motions… however.  The true excitement came from the environment of the class.  It was filled to capacity.  About 50 New Yorkers of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages were shaking their hips together, clapping, telling jokes and helping each other along to learn a pretty difficult routine.

My only criticism is that in an effort to challenge her students, the teacher sometimes forgot the steps herself.  It didn’t bother me too much though… I was busy spinning and playing with my belly-dancing skirt!!!

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