A Road Trip, An In-Flight Feast and Some Me Time

Day 14 during this crazy week of traveling included a road trip, a flight and some me time at the Westin in Arlington.  Looks like this week will take me to at least five states in seven days and so on this day, I’m going to have to find some zen time in the midst of my travels.

When I started this project, I set out to experience not only new things but “old” things too… things that I love to do that remind me of who I am and what makes me happy.

I love lobster rolls, traveling to different places, JACUZZIES, peanut butter and CHEESE (I love cheese more than your typical person.  This blog could be dedicated to cheese. Just saying).

Today, I indulged in these things I love and found the zen time I was seeking after such a high energy weekend that ultimately left all of us emotionally and physically exhausted.

I don’t enjoy vacationing alone but I do love traveling by myself.  I love the feeling of getting lost in the crowds, having time to reflect and being anonymous in a sea of people heading to unknown locales.  For this reason, a nice short flight was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I arrived to Logan International and indulged in a famous lobster roll from Legal Seafood.  a friend recommended I try one of these yummy treats and lucky for me that this iconic seafood restaurant chain is inside the airport!  Add a side of steamed broccoli with lemon and some mashed potatoes and you’ve basically got yourself a gourmet early dinner that I spread out in my designated area of the plane (and the seat next to me) and peacefully enjoyed.  Verdict?  DELISH.

I arrived at my hotel without problem and quickly put on the fluffy white robe provided (I’m not sure what it is about white robes in hotel rooms but I love them!!) and headed down to floor 3 to indulge in a little jacuzzi.  After relaxing completely, zoning out for a bit and enjoying the bubbles, I returned to my room to finish some work and ordered some fruit, peanut butter, cheese and veggies for a midnight snack before watching What Not To Wear (guilty pleasure) and falling into MUCH needed sleep.

Days of Zen are awesome.

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