Wine and Cheese and Brotherly Love

Day 15 I took advantage of some historical sight-seeing in New York and caught up with my little bro and his girlfriend over wine, cheese and appetizers.  What more could a girl want after a long day of work!?

Lil bro suggested we try Bar Veloce in the Lower East Side.  Experiencing new restaurants and bars (wine bars) is one of my favorite things.  I usually love the appetizers on the menu and there is usually no short supply of cheese…………

Bar Veloce it is.

This adorable wine bar is housed at 175 2nd Avenue, the precise location of a former governor of New York.  The Gothamist ( did a story about the former glory of this building circa 1910.  This house was known as ‘a famous landmark’ before it was stripped of old architecture and prepared to house a number of restaurants and businesses.

For what it’s worth, Bar Veloce is modern, has a nice vibe and serves great chick peas and herbs, eggplant finger sandwiches and paninies. The wine is great too…

Unfortunately, I know nothing about wine.  Regardless of how many classes I take, the only thing that I’ve learned is to stir it around and smell and check for runoff on the glass so as to ensure it’s not “cheap.” (note: this could be wrong and really what is wrong with cheap wine?!)  Regardless, I blabbered on about life updates while bro and his gf searched for the perfect wine.

One cheese plate, two bottles of red and one annoyed waiter later (waiter: what kind of wine?  me: the red kind), we found ourselves stuffed, tipsy and feeling pretty happy.


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