Ballet, Pilates and Yoga in One

Day 6 of AWESOME I found myself sweating my buns off again (one of my fave hobbies) on the Upper East Side at a Pure Yoga class called Figure 4.  Fate brought me and this workout together; a couple weeks ago I did some fundraising and running for the American Heart Association for which I was given a goody bag with one free pass to FIGURE 4.  Why not?

Turns out this class is the workout I didn’t know I had been searching for.  It’s a workout created by a professional ballet dancer that mixes ballet, pilates, yoga and free weights.  As a figure skater – this class spoke to me.  How exciting to work on the exact moves I had hammered into my body for 20+ years.

This class is no simple waltz across the stage. The “bar” exercises are designed to create continual muscle “surprise and formation”* (read: balancing on toes with ball in-between mid-section and bar while performing demi-pliés 60+ times designed to work your abs, arms, glutes and thighs) held in a “hot room”: 105 degrees.

By the 15th spiral leg lift (skaters you know what I’m talking about!) I felt like I had tapped into my roots!  Figure skating has always brought me back to my center and today it did no different.  I must get out on the ice soon.

*Pure Yoga:

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