Sibling Bonding in Central Park

Day 7 of AWESOME was more or less a typical Sunday afternoon.  I slept in.  I brunched. I explored Central Park with my lil bro by walking almost the entire length, getting lost and stumbling onto some amusing and interesting sights.

I brunched with a friend at Tom Colicchio’s (host of Bravo’s Top Chef) Craftbar near union square.  As a lover of the favored Sunday pastime, I wanted to try something new.  Craftbar proved to be as it promised: “new American cuisine with a simplistic twist utilizing fresh ingredients.”*  The food: Tuscan Kale & Goat Cheese Quiche and Warm Field Mushroom & Egg Bruschetta – was amazing!  The conversation: true to brunch expectations; a great time catching up!!

After brunch, I met lil bro at the corner of 7th and Central Park West to properly begin our Central Park adventure: from the bottom.  We began our long walk meandering through the thousands of bikers, runners and roller-bladers.  We walked by the famed Bethesda Fountain (where I have made many a wish) before heading down to enjoy the sites from the Boat House (modeled after a Jane Austin novel?).

The day did not go as expected but we amused ourselves with the following:

1) A Shakespeare-influenced singer with complete outfit, fitting musical instrument and goatee who sang about adultery (you read that right) atop Belvedere Castle near the Great Lawn

2) Heckling of the Brother Jimmy’s sponsored baseball team.  They were not amused.  Shame.  I expected more from a team with Bro J’s on their uniforms.

3) A wedding party near the Shakespearean singer and a few feet away from fratty kids laying on the Great Lawn.  We stood and stared for a bit.

4) “Central Park Off-Roading” (a phrase coined by lil bro today) – to mean, wandering away from the charted path in the Nature Sanctuary.  We climbed rocks not meant for climbing, we brushed by random shrubbery (poison ivy?), we spied on ducks and we even picked up some trash (it’s a sanctuary people!!)

The three hours of walking was long enough to catch up on life and cover important topics: lil bro’s progress writing a novel, the Kardashian’s immorality, our upcoming fishing trip (it’s a surprise!) with grandpa and the possibility of one day owning an entire brownstone on the UES.

What a long but great day (by NYC standards of course).

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