Watermelons, Grocery Stores and Hamburgers

On Day 16 I found myself working out of Atlanta. For a girl raised in Michigan, open fields, the “boonies” and long stretches of interstate remind me of my childhood and the reasons I still call the mid-west “home.”  Truthfully, I haven’t lived in MI full time since I was 18 and yet flying home every 8 weeks to see my family and roll around the backyard with my dogs is only natural…

So here I am in Atlanta, down south, with accents and all… and I found a bit of home.

The highlights for me:

– Picking up a watermelon from a farmer by the side of the road. I was stuck on this all day.  I had to have one!! Tasted amazing!! Just can’t get that pure quality of fruit in NYC (in my humble opinion)

– Shopping at Kroger! I used to love grocery shopping with my mom after school/figure skating (it’s the little things!). We’d discuss the day and I would “skate” in the isles (and get in trouble)

– Grilling outside!  I stayed with a friend on my first night in Atlanta and her husband (and amateur chef if you will) brought out the big green egg* (a giant green egg shaped grill that looks like a flower pot) to make homemade Cuban burgers (read: beef with cold cuts on top and smoked gouda with pickle) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Add the watermelon for desert, three types of beer, a giant Weimaraner (just like home) and great company and I was basically in summer HOTlanta heaven.  Awesome.


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