The Spoils of War and Horseradish Vodka

On day 4, I continued my AWESOME escapades by following my childhood friend (and her mama!) to a friend’s art exhibition showing at The National Arts Club near Gramercy Park. The name of the exhibit is Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother; created by Margarita Korol.  The work was a thank you (as shown above) to Margarita’s mother who risked it all and moved from the Soviet Union in 1989 as a Refusenik (definition: term for Soviet Jews who were denied permission to emigrate abroad by the authorities of the former Soviet Union)  in order to give Margarita the life of opportunity and free speech.

As a child of the former Soviet Union and one whose parents also gave up everything and hauled their little obnoxious 6-year old (yours truly) and a chicken-pox infested 2 year old (the lil bro) on a Pan Am flight across the Atlantic, I can relate.  Throw in a nuclear disaster, religious persecution and standing in line for food and basically you’ve got yourself an introspective day 4………

….Complete with horseradish vodka.  Let me repeat Horseradish vodka —- this punch to the senses would ONLY be served at a Russian event.  Really this beverage should be saved for unconscious victims who need revival.  ANYWAY I digress…

it was an inspirational night for multiple reasons.

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