Jiving to Awesome

On day 8 of AWESOME, I indulged in one of my passions: international latin ballroom. I’ve been dancing since last year.  I love it.  It has become one of the ways I can express myself creatively now that I’m not figure skating.

I dance with my teacher, partner and great friend.  We met randomly through a mutual family friend… and the rest is history!

We recently moved to a new studio where we can have the floor mostly to ourselves… and for good reason since our lessons usually include shrieks of laughter, light verbal abuse (ha) and lewd gestures.

We work hard too.  My teacher is a world-ranked dancer brought up in the Russian style of getting things done.  Thankfully, I too was brought up with the Russian method and so my heart sings when he puts me on the spot, turns stern or makes me work through pain.  Like for instance yesterday….

when we learned the jive (please drink at least 2 red bulls before attempting, see below for example).  I had to fight through the soreness in my legs (from below’s figure 4 class) but it felt that much more of an accomplishment after.


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