Strobe Lights Enhance Exercise

Today’s awesomeness came in form of a friend’s killer spinning class.  Killer by which I mean I thought I was going to fall off my bike and be hauled away by paramedics. (and I am no sissy when it comes to working out!!).  Let me paint this picture.  The class instructor who doubles as a DJ, strobe light operator and MC (who I will lovingly call mistress of ceremonies) waves a towel around, encourages cheering and makes you do what felt like 30 sets of push ups, arm curls and SERIOUS dance moves all while riding that stationary bicycle.  All this lasts about 45 minutes and includes some pretty awesome music.

In the beginning of the class, the mistress told us to be inspired by those around us.  Those in the front row were dancing, cycling, moving right and left to the beat in perfect synchronization (future Olympic sport?).  It did push me – as competitive as I am – to keep going and continue to do a push up between every beat of the music as we cycled in a seated and standing position.  Towards the end, as the room went pitch black and FUN’s “We Are Young” came on, we were told to cycle to the beat and close our eyes.  The adrenaline took over and I really pushed myself.  Felt amazing.

Did I feel pumped after?  HELL yes.

Was I the sweatiest I’ve ever been?  Probably close.

Mission accomplished?  YES

The class pumped me up in many ways.  As a former athlete, I find it necessary to keep up my level of endorphins to what I was used to for 20+ years.  Today’s class was a challenge, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and energized me for the rest of the day.

This fabulous establishment is called SOUL CYCLE.  Check it out.

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