The Beginning

They say life happens when you’re making other plans.  Being the optimist that I am, I’ve decided that the trials and tribulations occurring between ages 22 and 26 are not reason enough to throw in the towel. What happened? Namely my best friend (my mama) passing away and a number of other stresses took their toll on my usually hyper and energetic disposition.  (note: some good stuff happened too…)  

SO. I was recently told that in order to truly “heal” from the wounds of life, you must RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF.  This individual suggested I make a list of 10 things I love to do that I don’t do anymore or that I do not engage in/with that often.  I started this list with my all-time favorite things….  figure skating, roller blading, shopping (ok this is a lie I shop often), pampering myself (read: massages), bubble baths……………  the list goes on.  I started to do these favored activities.  It was a good time. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to take this reconnecting with myself experiment to a new level.  I am aiming to do things that I enjoy and love, that inspire me, that challenge me, that make me smile……  I’m promising myself that for the next 31 (give or take a few) days, I will engage in some AWESOME activity everyday or I will find the AWESOME in my everyday life.  I am planning to sleep less and live more, to come home from work later and to have some genuine experiences.

I realize not all experiences are “awesome” but I do think there is takeaway from most.  Plus, as I said, I’m aiming to do things that I love and I’m hoping to take some friends along the way.  Here we go…

3 thoughts on “The Beginning

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