Champagne and Live Music

Day 18: live music is AWESOME.

A friend and I decided to go out on the town mid-week.  We wanted to be a bit adventurous and check out different places to see if anything interesting was going on.

Despite the quietness of the night, we stumbled into Winston’s Champagne Bar, where you would think it was a Friday.  Upon entering, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” came to mind and I felt like we were being transported through time to the 1940s.

Velvet is everywhere.  High ceilings are accentuated by walls lined with Champagne.  A circular staircase gives the allusion of something grand.  A bright yellow piano completes the look.

Lucky for us, on this night, the piano was in use.  A live band was making the environment something of a dream.  Every song they sang spoke to me and the soulful voice of the lead singer kept my eyes glued and a smile broadly drawn on my face.

Fell asleep humming ‘Summer of ‘69.’  Awesome.

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