Oktoberfest in NYC

Day 19: Oktoberfest IS year-round!

One of my fondest work trips took me to Munich during Oktoberfest.  A colleague and I happened to arrive the Wednesday before festivities began and upon finding out this very fact (and our company’s encouragement of the festivities), we quickly made plans to participate.

Fast forward about a year and a half (give or take a couple months) and here we are at Bierhaus NYC hoping to taste some real German “bier,” enjoy some dancing (on tables??) and spot interesting dirndls. (note to self: next Oktoberfest experience must include my own dirndl).

What a spectacular way to spend an evening.  The music was excellent.  The potato pancakes were delicious, Bier Cheese was just what my pretzel needed and the authentic mugs make the beer that much better (which I drank from a straw.  Classy. 😉


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