Family time at the Intrepid

Day 20: Planes, helicopters and submarines

My family came to visit the city today so I took this golden opportunity to do something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do: Visit the Intrepid.  Quick history:  The Intrepid is an aircraft carrier initially commissioned in 1943 to serve in World War II.  Additionally, Intrepid was afloat during Vietnam and performed submarine surveillance in the North Atlantic during the Cold War.

I find it fascinating.  Having waited about five years to see it I was like a kid entering Disneyland for the first time. (The fam was less excited in the 95 degree heat).

We had a fantastic time.

We toured a strategic missile submarine.  We stood in the captain’s quarters of the Intrepid.  We touched authentic WWII era planes.

I found the experience to be AWESOME and I loved sharing it with the fam.

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