Public Family Bonding

Day 23: an ode to family.

Today’s awesome extravaganza involved a pool, my siblings and my dad.  Like any normal loving clan, we engaged in family-bonding activities (if you will) that had the rest of the pool club wide-eyed. (what is wrong with people, really?)

One favorite pastime involves us stacking ourselves on top of dad’s back (like a monkey with its young) and making him jump as high as he can while holding onto our arms and then plunging forward while we wail and scream (with delight of course).

Other family pool activities that have onlookers frightened include:

– vaulting each other as high as we can go with the help of two people making a platform on which to stand with their arms (this is preceded by a charming Russian rhyme about an old grandma who plants peas —- don’t ask)

– racing across the Olympic-sized pool with the fervor of an Olympian

– letting one person stand on the other’s back while they’re underwater and then start to rise until you can’t stand anymore and plunge forward (or backward)

SO. We had a pretty good time. Sunshine + Pool + Sibs + Dad + No Inhibition = perfect summer day.


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