Bicycles, Chickens and Mountains


Day 25: “Rustic” living is the key to rejuvenation.

Let me revise the definition of rustic here and add a caveat:  I have spent many a childhood trip sleeping in a sleeping bag.  BUT.  In this particular case, I ventured outside of the city to a friend’s home.  This beautiful setting came complete with zero cell phone service, chickens and a very large garden that one could use to open a restaurant.

I appreciated the serenity.

We picked raspberries, laid on hammocks, ate fresh veggies from the garden, engaged in conversation with hens, swam, went on walks and rode bikes while surrounded by spectacular views.

I had almost forgotten how much I used to love bike-riding.  Around 7th grade, I traded in bike-riding for rollerblading and the rest is history.  Getting back out there hit the spot and I am happy to report was excellent exercise.

Getting away from it all?  Awesome.

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