Sangria, Rowboats and Camp Memories

On Day 21 I found myself back in Central Park.

With one goal in mind: Rowing at the Boat House.

My family in tow (five sangrias deep), I convinced them that rowing in 95 degree heat would be the most superb way to spend Sunday afternoon.

My memories of rowing stem back to my young camp days at Kingswood Camp for girls.  As a child, in between figure skating practice, I spent my summers honing my archery skills, dancing, swimming inside the 319-acre National Historic park and to my serious dismay: Canoeing.

I say dismay because I may or may not have had irrational fears of this wonderful pastime and avoided it like the plague…

So.  For nostalgia sake, I was looking to remember those sunny days fondly and put the fears of my 11-year old self to rest.

It took a few minutes to figure out how to get going but soon I was rowing like a champ and preparing for the Olympic rowing team (ha. ha.).

Aside for the fact that I wore a white dress with heels (brilliant) and we played bumper boats with some of the other rowers (woops) – I’d say it was a pretty AWESOME afternoon.

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