Stranger to Friend

On Day 24 I joined a friend and 4 other amazing women whom she wanted to introduce for a very tasty meal.

The company was truly Awesome and the food was a close second (roasted artichoke with truffle oil and parmesan is my new obsession).

This idea, although done informally here, to invite friends from different walks of life to dinner to get to know each other, is highly recommended.  I left the restaurant smiling, having just added four fantastic women to my circle of friends.

The dinner solidified the following anecdotes: The world is small (I’ve learned this over and over but it’s always surprising!), you can never have too many mentors and some good laughs over some cocktails really are the best medicine.

Truly awesome night.

2 thoughts on “Stranger to Friend

    • I didn’t always know how – and it’s easy in NY not to! I’ve really gotten into cooking this past year and now I want a big kitchen as well!! Thanks for stopping by!

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