Amateur Swim Night

On Day 28, I took my inspiration to the pool.

I’ve been glued to the tv screen over the past week… watching the Olympics.

The athletes inspire me, they remind me of my own young Olympic dreams once upon a time and their stories make me believe that anything is possible.

Having found myself in a hotel with a pool open 24/7… I watched the end of the olympic coverage, fished out my suit from my bag… and did laps at around midnight.

Truth is, I had a little stint as a future olympic swimmer at the age of 11.  I’M KIDDING.  I couldn’t have been slower on that swim team.  Fortunately, my figure skating coach at the time told my mom that figure skaters couldn’t be swimmers (different muscle groups yada yada yada)… SO that short lived dream ended quickly.

But as mentioned before… I still love swimming.

And aside from the fact that hotel staff thought I was crazy (it’s open 24/7 for a reason!!), I lapped around doing the breath stroke happily.


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