Fish, Forceps and the ER

hospital ER waiting for doctor

Day 38 started out as a typical day and left me thankful.

I went to work. I had a conference call.  I had a work lunch.

You’d think I’d eat my meal, enjoy the view (of the Hudson) and get back to work.

The lunch Gods had other plans.

In an effort to go with a more “healthy” choice, I chose the trout with green beans instead of the salmon with mashed potatoes (my fave).  A few bites into my yummy meal, I realized (a bit too late) that the fish was in fact not de-boned and there was a bit of an uncomfortable scratch in my throat.

You guessed it: one of the fish bones was stuck.

I ate a loaf of bread (as grandma would have recommended), I ate more bread, I ate a plum and I inhaled fluids.  Nothing helped.

45 minutes later I was in the ER.

While waiting the obligatory 7 hours to be seen by a doctor (it’s only fair), the nurses calmly did what they could to keep me calm and assure me of the upcoming positive outcome:

  • they shared (horror) stories about others with bone lodging situations, tossed out (horror-inducing) scenarios of extraction and prepped possible IV situations (thanks guys!).

My friend the bone was finally removed with a giant plier-looking apparatus.  It was swift and painless and I couldn’t have been happier to have it out.

The day shaped up to be really interesting, but…while I waited for the king of doctors to make a decision on the manner of retrieval, I was overwhelmed by text messages, phone calls and emails wishing me well.  Friends and colleagues offered to leave work and wait with me, my brother and his friends made me laugh by sending me pictures of Gerber food, coworkers sent best wishes, family called to listen to me whimper and offer anecdotes and opinions on the healthcare system (thanks for the solidarity, dad!).

There were moments of fear but there were also moments of relief and perspective: being in the hospital and realizing you can walk out unscathed is a blessing.  Having people to lean on is a gift.  and having the means for “swift” medical care is lucky and pretty Awesome.

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