Love Stories, Boxes and Playbills

lincoln center opera house

On Day 43, I found myself enjoying a pastime I had not experienced or thought about in 15+ years.

I was probably around 10 years old when my mom took me to the Opera for the first time in effort to share with her daughter, her love of the art.

Unfortunately, my 10-year old self didn’t get the message regarding music’s trans-formative nature.  I wanted chips and popcorn and when that was done… to go home early (can you blame me?).

Cut to the present.

A friend invited me to the Metropolitan Opera House to experience Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot from private box seats.

I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this must-see experience (before my move from NYC!).  Plus, who can pass up an opportunity to get all dressed up and enjoy private seating (I was channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman)?

After making our way to Lincoln Center (no easy feat during rush hour!), we walked towards the beautiful fountain and prepared to take our seats.  As the curtain went up, I was instantly mesmerized by the gorgeous sets and story-line.

Turandot is a fairy tale love story (romantic comedy from the 1920’s if you will) set in China about a princess who tests numerous suitors by offering riddles and has those who answer incorrectly beheaded (love this).

I loved the acting.  I loved the music.  I loved the happy ending (don’t want to give too much away!)

I thought about how much my mom would have loved this and found myself smiling by the end.


4 thoughts on “Love Stories, Boxes and Playbills

  1. Axe or guillotine? I must know how these beheadings took place.

    Opera’s a weird thing, I’m not sure I could ever enjoy it. I don’t have any reason why I wouldn’t. It’s not like I could say it’s because all the foreign singing means I wouldn’t understand it. I enjoy Pearl Jam and none of what Eddie Vedder says ever makes sense.

    • I believe it was Axe! And appropriately so… how dare these strange men tell her they love her???

      I’m with you on the Opera business – the thing that makes it bearable and even enjoyable is that there is now a teleprompter in the back of every seat that translates every line as they are singing it. Pretty awesome.

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