Polenta, Mushrooms and Celebrity Sightings

Day 45 had some random Awesome when I went to a work lunch and got the chance to try some exquisite cuisine and meet a celebrity chef.

I was less than enthused when I was reminded that I had a lunch meeting in the afternoon (and not ONLY because of the fish bone ER incident).

Intent on having dinner at my favorite Spanish tapas place in NYC before my move (Chicago here I come!), I invited a friend to dinner the evening before only to wind up with a smidgen of food poisoning (the restaurant gods are telling me to eat in I think).

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t too excited and headed to North End Grill like a child kicking and screaming (professional I know).

Lunch did not disappoint.

The menu intrigued us with simple yet curious combinations that left my colleagues and I scrambling to make an acceptable choice:  Grilled Egg, Celery and Onion with Paddlefish Caviar??  Block Island Swordfish??  Bacon-Shrimp Burger??

I settled on Fricassee of Wild Mushrooms with “Upma Polenta” and the chicken, lemon and egg soup.

Half way through the mmmmmmmm’s of the meal a colleague mentioned that the head chef was actually Floyd Cardoz from the reality show Top Chef Masters.

Like any obnoxious and self indulgent corporate group, we immediately asked to meet the head chef.

Floyd was super friendly, chatted with us about the restaurant and gave us the inside scoop of the show. Reportedly, what you see is real and nothing about the challenges is fake or over dramatized (the only reality show to date to achieve this).

We finished our meal by agonizing over the dessert menu.

It was unexpectedly… Awesome.

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