Relax, Recover, Rejuvenate

T-13 before I hit the road with a friend for our quickly approaching move to Chicago!

I have been working hard to sleep as little as possible in order to soak up as much friend, family and NYC time that I can.  Turns out the staying up is easy… the getting up in the morning is excruciatingly hard…

Today I took a break from my pressing social agenda (hehe) to relax, rejuvenate and stuff my face with chocolate covered peanuts.

Yes, on this week before I leave NYC, I took some time out to relax at my favorite Spa on the Upper East Side.

I made the migration from the UES with my roomies down to Murray Hill almost 3 years ago, but I still find myself taking the 456 train up to my old neighborhood in order to have a little Zen time.

This hidden gem sits a bit of a ways back from the rush of third avenue, diagonal from Dylan’s Candy Bar (perfect for post massage snack).  The front door’s wooden exterior is inviting.  One flight of stairs up and you find yourself inside a small yet cozy and peaceful waiting room complete with champagne, snacks and (most importantly) the foot massage machine.

Sometimes I bring my e-reader along and just sit there for hours sipping champagne, eating entirely too much chocolate and absorbing my latest chic-book (girl needs her trash in between book club books).

Ultimately, after over-indulging in the goodies, I was ushered into a massage room for my facial (the actual reason I came).  I’ve gone to the same lady every time.  I think she’s just plain Awesome.  I love the arm and face massage, I feel like my skin glows afterwards and I usually fall asleep on the table (awkward?) once I let go of the day’s stresses.

Today I had my last face massage in NYC.  Note to self: must find new spot for Zen in Chicago.

Stay tuned.

Leaving my 2837428-long to-do list to take a time out? …… Awesome.

3 thoughts on “Relax, Recover, Rejuvenate

  1. I love this! Very wise to take real time out when we’re busiest. Speaking of Zen time (and I LOVE your last line) there’s a saying that goes something like – one hour of meditation a day is a good amount, unless you’re really busy, in which case you probably need 2 or 3 hours:-) Good luck with the move…

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