Chicago Awesome: New Cities, High School Reunions and Bank Vaults

Experience 1 in my new state involved whiskey, sushi and some old friends.

Having chosen the great state of Michigan as our destination when immigrating from the Soviet Union (Mom? Dad?), I have always found that the mid-west is close to my heart.  This was strengthened when I left for college, east-bound, where I forged my identity (as the Midwestern girl who was really from Ukraine who stereotypically figure skates).


A move back to the Midwest was only natural.  And what better way to kick off this new chapter than to share some whiskey with some high school friends over dragon and California roles. (Note: turns out the two don’t go together.  Evidenced by the next day.)

We gathered at a trendy BYOB sushi spot in the Wicker Park area (look at me learning) where beer was not allowed but wine and liquor were welcome (someone please tell these people what BYOB stands for).

Everything was different and everything was the same.  We laughed our butts off, reminisced and caught up on life.  Toasts were made.  Stories were told.  Future plans were planned.

The night continued to Bedford: an underground night club that formerly housed MB Financial Bank.  The Bank’s vault and safety deposit boxes still stand, reminding intoxicated youth about past elegance and bygone eras (think Titanic – the one James Cameron built).

There was dancing.  There were classically bad poses for pictures.  There were cucumber coolers.

The night was a whirlwind and as we checked to see who would be home for thanksgiving, I already felt at home.


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