Benefits, New Friends and School Night Antics


Today’s Awesome had me giving back and stepping out of my comfort zone.

A friend invited me to a benefit to support Sandy victims.

Having escaped Sandy myself just 4 weeks prior, I was more than willing to put on a pretty dress on a school night and participate in the effort to raise money for NYC’s City Harvest.

Plus.  Being new to this town, it fit right into my go-out-every-night –and-participate-in-every-activity-possible-and-make-new-friends plan.

I took a nap after work (the “plan” is exhausting) and woke up just in time to grab a cab to the famed Chicago Hard Rock Hotel.

There, I joined up with said friend and about 167 of his friends.

After the first few awkward moments (HI!, my name is…) and a thorough surveying of the crowd (am I dressed appropriately?!?!)…

I introduced myself to just about everyone.

I met someone who works at my (large) company (new office friend!).  I danced like it was Friday (it wasn’t).  I exchanged life stories with total strangers (typical).

By the end of the night, I felt like my vodka soda intake had sufficiently added to the benefit and I had exchanged numbers and emails with a host of new future friends (it’s like dating).

Aside from the likely hangover that accompanies too many mixed drinks on a week-night, I’d say it was totally worth it.


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