Strobe Lights Enhance Exercise Part Two


My very first post shared the exhilarating experience of intense cycling complete with DJ, strobe lights and dance.

Today’s Awesome was connected to finding an equally stimulating workout in the Windy City.

Answer: Flywheel.

Similar establishment to Soul Cycle, Flywheel has you cycling your heart out and listening to club music while the instructor barks excitement and links working out with achieving your dreams (ok sometimes I get into it).

What makes flywheel different?

A bit of a competitive edge.

Cyclists’ names are posted on a monitor at the front so you can see what number you are in the heap.

What a smart twist on the “traditional” spin class.  If there was ever a reason to work out harder, cycle faster and push yourself, Flywheel is getting close to perfecting the workout motivator for the overly competitive.

The over-achiever in me was exhilarated.

I pushed myself to keep those “power” numbers high.  I used the “heavy bar” during the weights portion.  I let David Guetta fill me with inspiration (love that stuff).

As class came to an end, I was pumped and ready to tackle further furniture assembly projects…


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