Online Shopping, Customer Service and Damaged TVs

shattered tv

Never is your gumption, strength and overall faith in humanity tested like when you spend $619.72 on a damaged 46-inch LCD HGTV.

Having a large television isn’t a long standing dream of mine but I figured… why not.  New city.  New apartment.  New furniture.  A large TV to complete the interior decorating spree only makes sense.

So like any over-zealous excitable individual who is familiar with the internet, I thought I could go nuts on Cyber Monday on a little website known as Amazon.

Cut to a little over a week ago when my brand new touch LCD arrives (half price mind you) and I have perfectly lined up an expert (loose term)from Comcast to come plug it in and make Friends re-runs showcase themselves in my living room.

One. Problem.

Although this giant monster looked great, one flick of the cable switch proved that the entirety of the inside was shattered… and James Cameron’s Titanic looked like someone had taken a bat to it.

My fingers couldn’t dial Amazon fast enough.

As you can imagine, as with any customer service and large-business related inquiry that requires competence – resolving problems is like pulling teeth and promises to have you in the corner crying and wailing (it’s inevitable. don’t fight it).

I explained as articulately as possible  the details regarding the shattering of the television and asked for an impeccably dressed gentleman to come over promptly and pick up said television while simultaneously delivering a new one and setting it up.

And so began the 7 day war.

The details are painful but I’ll summarize them here:

  • A non-responsive and verbally abusive 3rd party seller was involved that said they were sorry but weren’t (are they ever?)
  • UPS received the wrong information regarding pick up. 2 days in a row.
  • Cable bills were paid regardless of TV ownership (turns out Comcast doesn’t care if Amazon’s 3rd party seller is doing their job)

It was a long hard winter. I yelled.  I made people cry. I lost hope.  I learned some things:

  • When buying from Amazon – make sure it says SELLER = Amazon (and not BootLegSeller.Com)
  • KEEP original shipping materials until AFTER you test out the product (very important)(turns out packaging for 46 inch TV is not free)
  • Verbally abusing customer service reps is not ultimately helpful in the long run (but is effective in short term aggression release)

Ultimately, a few key individuals were pertinent to returning faith: lady from Amazon who took a personal interest (or should I say did her job) and called me several times for 3 days to check up on the status of the return (God bless you Marcy); building doorman who hauled the 60 lb. package up to my apartment in the first place and subsequently retrieved it… (Trent, you’re my hero); building maintenance crew that generously screwed the TV base on and put the thing together… and subsequently took it apart… (thanks G).

I’d also like to thank friends and family who listened to me recount this tale 135442132 times.  THANK YOU.  Venting truly is a pure form of therapy.  To all of you……. you are Awesome.

8 thoughts on “Online Shopping, Customer Service and Damaged TVs

  1. Oh man, I am a bit more familiar than I would like to be with those random bits of lines and color of a broken LCD screen (TV, laptop monitor, iPhone and an Android phone) Some of them unexplained, some of them on purpose, for someone who gets paid to help people with their technology, I am kind of a menace to it at the same time 😮

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  3. I had similar problems recently with minor repair to boiler under contract. Engineer said it needed certain part and would report this. Second engineer would call next day. Two weeks and two phone calls to the central number later second engineer arrived without part (most apologetic and showed me on his smartphone the minimal info he’d been given).

    Actually, I find the two pictures above most artistic and probably a huge improvement on the programmes.

    • Aaaah there’s nothing like incompetence to start your morning. haha. Sounds like similarly frustrating events… Also – you’re probably right re: picture. I don’t really watch American football and would probably prefer the rainbow of lines. hahaha

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