Nerds, Kegs and Inspiration

Today a friend invited me to experience The Starter League’s demo day.

This evening, a collection of individuals who dared pursue their start-up dreams gathered to showcase their new websites, companies and ideas brought to life.

Excited to experience something new, I left a holiday party early in pursuit of inspiration and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Plus, I was promised pizza and beer.

Let the learning begin.

The showcase included 20 teams that had coded, designed and developed an idea that was apparently show-worthy.  Some of these individuals had abandoned great careers and lucrative positions in search of their passion while others weren’t familiar with the computer ON button before their pursuits.

Shark Tank, this was not.  For a room of curious entrepreneurs, the atmosphere wreaked of group camaraderie and friendly encouragement.

The presentations were creative.  Some were entertaining.  A couple were brilliant.

The following is a small list of my favorites:

  • RealTransparent – Apartment rental listing site that provides transparency for renters, by disallowing all of the bad practices found on craigslist (ie 37 consequently listed apartments advertising the wrong price – no longer)
  • ThePitch – New spin on career sites where one can write a “pitch” about themselves to explain to targeted employers why you’re the one
  • MamaLi’s – An e-commerce web store providing beauty products to mainland China (where they are not available) that are tested and loved by the founder’s mom (true story)

There were kegs.  There were nerds.  There were home-written songs about computer code (see previous sentence).

Despite my beer intake (or in spite of?), I found myself deep in thought about life’s choices, the risks we take and more importantly don’t take and the wonderfully overwhelming abyss of opportunities available to forge your own path.

2 slices of pizza and 3 beers later, I found myself ready to conquer the world… or at least the giant plate of loaded French fries and specialty cocktails at our next stop.


4 thoughts on “Nerds, Kegs and Inspiration

  1. Love this post and my fav entrepreneurial idea above is Real Transparent….I have found some of the listings for apartments on Craigslist are not even available. Go for it I say and get those copy rights! Thanks for your like. Heres one I would love to do “” a data base list of ex’s (could be like angies list) who are down right the worst boyfriends or girlfriends on the planet.

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