The Beauty of Random


One night this week, circa 2am, I found myself at a private party (that I wasn’t invited to), sipping champagne on a beautiful Victorian-style sofa by a fireplace rounding hour number 3 of connection with a total stranger.

This totally random moment could not have been planned or even foreseen 687 miles away.

In fact, on this night, I was planning on curling up in my (almost fully furnished and decorated!!) new apartment and reading Richard Branson’s new book.

On this night I had dined with a friend and found myself (3 mojitos later) in a taxi agreeing to check out a champagne bar.

One problem.

Upon arrival, we were told that the entire place had been rented out for a formal private party for at least 6 hours.

Having come this far, I decided one way or another we were going to become one of the special guests for the exclusive Spearling Party.

A couple calls later, we were crashing the party and enjoying the kind of girls-night-out we are sure to share with our daughters one day (or hide from).

We drank champagne.  We danced.  We met random strangers who couldn’t quite place us as part of the Spearling crew.

Regardless, the night took a turn for the introspective when said stranger and I realized we were originally from the same city in Ukraine and he actually lived in a different state all together and had flown in for the night.

I thought about life’s random moments.  How they sneak up on you when you least expect it.  And how we are reminded (like so many times before) that we just don’t know what’s coming…

In a good way.

It’s the same thought my friend had when she found out she would be traveling on an overseas project within 48 hours.  It’s the same thought another friend had yesterday when she went on a blind date that left her giddy and excited.

These moments remind me of life’s (good) surprises and leave me eagerly hopeful for what might come tomorrow.


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