Simple Signs of Affection


Today a boy gave me a cookie.

It was a simple gesture.

He said he wanted to brighten my day so he went out during lunch and bought me a cookie.

Yes, this happened in front of others and was slightly embarrassing (and I wanted to hide).

But it caught me off guard. And made me feel kind of awkward. In a good way. Like when Bryan Sturt gave me a 25 cent ring during recess in fourth grade and I blushed, looked slightly angry (clear foreshadowing) and then followed my mother around the house for 4 hours after school showing it off.

This small gesture did big things. It lifted my mood and put some momentarily stress-related things in perspective.

In today’s world, with busy and busier schedules, and random stress arising from strange pokes on Facebook and full dates over text message, sometimes the simple gesture goes a long way.

After all, it’s the small things. Right?

Apparently, all it takes is a cookie.


10 thoughts on “Simple Signs of Affection

  1. the little things make all the difference! i really like that the cookie is called “chocolate chipper” – I feel like that name is very fittng.

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