Just Do It.

keep calm and cycle on

Today’s workout was Awesome.



I set a goal and I met it.

I told myself that no matter what — I was going to get to a certain number.

No excuses.

Recently, I’ve been feeling more lethargic during class and falling well below the level I know I can meet.

The burrito I ate before class didn’t help (stupid).

Neither did the lack of sleep last night (stupid).

But.  There’s always an excuse to pedal at a lower rpm.

A few things did help.

Friends. Music. Mental game.

I’ve found that the key to cycling consistently every week is getting your friends involved (evil plan).  I’ve introduced spinning to a number of friends who now go every week.  Knowing they’re reserving bikes pushes me.

The playlist was perfect (Careless Whisper by Seether is new favorite).

I put everything out of my mind.  For 45 minutes.  Nothing was going on in my life besides Enrique Iglesias (that’s right).

I sang along. I cheered out loud.  I passed my goal.

I was pumped.


7 thoughts on “Just Do It.

    • HAHA – not exactly the point…….IS IT? Get up. Do something. Tell me about it. ALSO – thank you for the 3 minutes and 31 seconds of opening credits. The Good The Bad and The WordPress was life changing.

      • I get up and do plenty. I fall down too much though and seem to end up in the same place all over again.

        I hope it was life changing in a good way. My intentions don’t always end up the way I wished them to.

      • I think your blog is Awesome. The first time I stumbled onto it I basically spent an afternoon reading :). I know how you feel though. Every time I write something I maul over about it for a decade before getting the courage to post. I really like your edginess and I think you’re funny. I think it’s also about perspective. I also feel like I “fall down” a good bit but I try to stay positive and push on. One foot in front of the other has gotten me this far. Keep at it!

      • Why thank you 🙂

        Now if you could post that everywhere in the entire world so everybody sees it we’ll be solid.

        I think we all feel like we’re constantly falling down. We’re our own worst critics for sure.

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