Inspiration at the Office


Today I was unexpectedly uplifted and dare I say… inspired?

It all started with a meeting.

This frequent occurrence has become akin to getting dressed in the morning.

It’s going to happen.

The question is… did I lay out an outfit the night before? (most likely no.)

The difference today – I was kind of dreading it.

I was meeting with a highly successful individual who doesn’t inspire the warm fuzzies.

A cross between Devil Wears Prada and Matilda’s Trunchbull (albeit more attractive), this person required more of my “getting ready” attention than usual.

I made sure my outfit was truly “business casual.” I put on appropriately sized heels (a tip from her secretary).  I made sure to take my scarf off before heading in.

I sat up straight, smiled politely and prepared to be on my best behavior (no promises).

The conversation began as expected and covered the 3Ps.  Projects.  Progress.  Performance. (I made these up).

40 minutes into what was promised to be a 30-minute meeting, the conversation unexpectedly turned to topics unforeseen in such an environment.

This seemingly hard-edged individual offered a softer side.

She divulged personal career struggles she endured on her way up and even shared some personal life wisdom in the form of young heartbreak.

I’m not sure how we hit these topics or progressed the conversation in this direction.

I rarely do in these situations.

All I know is that an hour and half later I was feeling inspired and thinking about how I could incorporate the lessons she learned into my own personal and professional life.


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