Easy going on the Aegean Sea

ios greeece

Ios, Greece

Never does the term “go with the flow” apply more than when traveling abroad.

I’ve found that even the best planner can’t schedule around the inevitable surprises, oopsies and unforeseen adventures that the travel Gods have in store.

And for those of us whose daily lives revolve around outlook calendars, this can be daunting.

In order to ease into the reality shift, my travel friends and I have decided to just not.

plan that is.

Two of my best girls and I flew to Athens last week, booked our hotels and planned to unplug and see where a Greek Isles immersion would take us.

We’ve used wiki-travel for on-the-go recommendations, asked random locals for suggestions and followed the advice of friends’ texts from home.

Our easygoing attitude has led to some adventures:

– Accidentally seeing the entire island of Mykonos and doing some off-roading. On two ATVs that we rented on a whim after a 5 minute tutorial (the shop owner insisted on teaching us). We were busy laughing and enjoying bumping down the labyrinth of the two-way “highway,” big enough for one car, when we realized we were a bit off course. The promised 40 minute trip to the beach turned into 2 hours and 40 minutes. Woops.

mykonos greece travel

Sunset, Mykonos, Greece

– Unplanned hike through Santorini’s wine country. We made enough of a scene boarding the bus that asking for proper directions wasn’t in the cards. We got off on the last stop, asked a local for directions and promptly set out on what ended up being an hour walk up the scenic mountainous terrain. (The return trip was equally exciting when the same bus driver found us walking and picked us up between stops. Thanks friend!)

santorini greece

Wine Country, Santorini, Greece

– Seasickness. We rented a catamaran with captain to do a private sail with six other new friends. We imagined a sail akin to a calm lake. Calm lake it was not. The Aegean Sea was so choppy that day, commercial ferries that shuttle hundreds of people between the islands were hiding out in calm coves. Our captains, on the other hand, thought riding the waves was a form of extreme sailing fun.

santorini greece travel

Oia, Santorini Sunset

Our adventures on this trip have led to some great experiences thus far.

We saw the famous Oia sunset from the best seat in the house with tips from new friends and some dumb luck. We bonded with the sailing captains and spent the evening experiencing Santorini nightlife the local way. We took a tip and headed to town one night when our planned beach party fell through and met a fun group of guys we danced with all night. We tried the oldest family-owned restaurant in Mykonos where mama prepared fresh moussaka for us on request.


One thing has been emphasized:

Since life is largely unplanned (even with the outlook calendar), sometimes you have to hop on an ATV and see where the road takes you.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Easy going on the Aegean Sea

  1. That’s amazing! Greece is in my top 5 places to visit! It must have been beautiful and it sounds like you had a complete blast! I keep saying I want to travel, but haven’t made the actions to do it yet. How did you guys plan financially to go and be so free spirited?

    • Hello from Greece! The Greek isles are indeed stunning and I’m thankful to be able to see them! Regarding travel – I definitely think its possible at any age and especially important in your 20s when we have more time and opportunity. For starters, there is so much information at our fingertips these days, doing the proper research will allow you to “plan” the type of trip you’re most comfortable with financially. I definitely traveled right out of college (I’m 5 years out now) and looked into options that made sense then. For example, I spent two weeks in Barcelona with a friend about 4 years ago. To make it cheaper, we rented an apartment on Las Ramblas (the main st). The apartment was nice and had a full kitchen and was half the price of a hotel. It also allowed us to buy fresh food at the market and cook for some meals, saving some money. On this trip in particular, we knew where we wanted to splurge and where we didn’t, so we booked those hotels accordingly. As far as the rest, you make a budget so you know how much “spending money” to give yourself for the on-the-go adventures. I have met people abroad while traveling who stayed in hostels at 10 dollars a night and spent almost nothing to see the most beautiful places in the world and those who spent hundreds of dollars a night to stay in the same town. It’s possible to plan the kind of trip that makes the most sense for you. I hope you are able to make your travel plans come true!!

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