Reflection… Book Club Style

siblings brother

My book club met tonight.

This month’s choice: And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.

If you’ve read either one of Hosseini’s other novels, then you know this book will not be made into a chick-flick.  And you know that probably everyone in the book club cried at one point or another while reading this puppy (I held out to the end.  That’s right.)

Hosseini’s novels are set in Afghanistan, offering an intimate view into a world many know very little about.  Above all else, though, these stories are about universal human struggles.  This one in particular, delves into family and takes the reader on a journey through multiple generations.  The stories show the ways in which the decisions of those who came before us shape our lives today in the same way that we will shape the lives of the next generation (pressure).

One thing the book focused on, above all else, was the sibling relationship.  The story displayed (in heart-wrenching fashion) how sacred a bond between siblings can be and how grateful we should be to have these bundles of joy in our lives.

This above all-else hit me hard.

I thought about my siblings.  I thought about how grateful I am that my parents gave me this gift.

I thought about the stories I’ve been told about my brother’s arrival (I was 4) and the fact that I felt, for whatever reason, very protective of him.  Reportedly, I used to throw myself onto strangers (friends and doctors) who dared approach my little bud and try to take them down (I’m still looking into the validity of this report).

I thought about how to our friends’ great annoyance, my brother and I used to play at recess together everyday during elementary school.

I thought about how my brother and I are now sharing vital information about young adulthood with our little sister.


Lil bud and little sister discussing strategy for the fruit roll up competition about to commence

I thought about the bond I share with two other people who understand the struggles and triumphs unique to our family.

Hosseini has a talent for writing eloquently and beautifully about some tough subjects.  He inspired me with this last one… to argue less with my siblings.  And to cherish the bond we’ve been given.


4 thoughts on “Reflection… Book Club Style

  1. Khaled Hosseini is one of the most inspirational writers I’ve ever read; in a moment he can turn a story around and make it infinitely deeper. I’m glad you wrote this. It was great. 🙂

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