You’ve made it to my page.

You’re wondering what Awesome is all about.

You’ve scrolled through and seen me in crazy outfits.  You’ve sensed some spunk.  You’ve immersed yourself in a bit of sarcasm.

You’re wondering if there is a carefully crafted list of favorite posts and highlights, easily outlined and in chronological order.


It’s here:

1) Why I broke up up with New York 

2) Brunch: A Study in Friendship, Personal Growth and Chili

3) Dating Inside My Culture / Why I’ll Never Date Boris the Hunter

4) That Time I Broke My Wrist  (This happened.)

5) The “Me Me Me Generation” (My take on these CRAZY Millennials – ie me) 

6) Easy Going on the Aegean Sea  (That time I went to Greece and came back)

7) Home Design Project #62738   (I learn to hang things)

8) Love  (In honor of my incredible mother and how much I miss her)

9) Axles, Loops and Salchows

10) A Watercraft and Some Reflection  (The original 31st day milestone. I found myself aboard a yacht during work hours. True story)

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