Summer Bucket List

north avenue beach chicago

The anticipation is over.

Summer is here.

And it’s not just any summer… it’s my first Chicago summer.

Since moving to this city, I have heard much about this anticipated time of year.

I’ve been told that the summer is unmatched, with a myriad of festivals, beach days, outdoor concerts, sports gatherings, rooftop cocktailing and outdoor activities.

I’ve been told that people flock to Chicago during the summer in the same way that New Yorkers flock to the Hamptons; in this case, running towards the city, instead of away from it.

My excitement has not been subtle.

It might be my strategic layering of clothes-so-I-can-be-ready-to-beach-it-at-any-moment, my not-so secret plans to re-live senior spring break or the speed with which I sign up for activities (whether I have time  for them or not)… everyone from my co-workers to friends to my Wholefoods fish guy knows that I’m a tad psyched for the nice weather.

To make sure the summer doesn’t fly by, I’ve gone ahead and made the following bucket list.

bucket list

Let the frolicking begin.

There will be little sleep.  But there will be new adventures.

This summer is going to be Awesome.

Museum Mile Festival

Day 9 of AWESOME: Museum Mile Festival

As someone who does not frequent museums often (but loves me time!), I thought adding this bit of culture was important to my AWESOME-fest.  Just so happens that June 12, 2012 marked the 33rd Museum Mile Festival of New York City: a mile long “block party”* from 82nd to 105th street where 10 of NYC’s coveted museums are housed.  I decided to see what all the excitement was about.

I chose the Museum of the City of New York.  This was no random choice.  A friend had suggested I visit years ago.  She was mesmerized by the old photographs and what she learned about the concrete jungle we live in.  I must admit, I was curious myself…

I enjoyed this “me” time and I even learned some things:

1) Economic turmoil has existed throughout American history as far back as the beginning… SO given that we get dramatic about it just about every decade, I figure we should take the chin up approach and do what we can with the present…

2) New York’s East River Waterfront (UES!) used to be the site of farms, villas and meadows where New York’s elite settled before the FDR was built and the upper east side joined the rest of the concrete.

3) New York has been the home of a huge portion of America’s social activism. Historically, New Yorkers have banded together to fight for social justices that have impacted and transformed the whole country. (Takeaway: New Yorkers have always been aggressive…it’s not a new thing)

Museum Mile Festival is over but the museums are still there and they’re worth checking out!