New Year’s Resolutions in Reverse: A Good-bye to 2013


The first few days of the New Year are upon us.

This can only mean one thing:

New. Year. Obligatory. Post.

Just in case the other 97627346 bloggers, hard-hitting CNN journalists (seriously – CNN – sometimes I think you’re punking me with your absurd headlines), and, as I found out today… , USA.GOV New Year’s Resolution website (what???) didn’t offer the right amount of predictable inspiration, I’m offering my two cents here.

Truthfully, I am a fan of this topic and New Year’s in general.

The ending of a year and the starting of a brand spanking new blank slate is pretty exciting.  It’s like the first day of school (brand new notebooks!!).

However, I don’t believe you can start a new chapter/list/notebook before you’ve properly closed off the previous one.

Last night, during a dinner party, one of the seven guests suggested we go around the table and have everyone say their “Best and Worst of 2013.”

The answers were real.  Some were funny.  All prompted reflection.  The worst: losing a job, learning of a family member’s illness, losing a pet; The best: passing an important exam, meeting newly special people, finding a new job.

In similar fashion, for today’s post, I’ve decided to recycle a popular idea I used a few months ago called The Reverse Bucket List and write a reverse New Year’s resolution list for 2013.

The following is a list of some self-improvements, goals, and personal attainments of 2013 (and, when appropriate, illustrative photos):

1)      Put effort into becoming closer with family members; find time to get to know extended family


Meeting second cousins for brunch

2)      Separate emotionally from surrounding drama

3)      Get back out on that ice and start figure skating/training/coaching again

ice skating figure skating

Back on the ice – starting a session

4)      Furnish/decorate an apartment from scratch

The completed "living room" in my first personal apartment

The completed “living room” in my first personal apartment

5)      Travel abroad for an “extended” vacation; leave worries/computers/cell phones behind


Taking it easy in Naxos, Greece

6)      Pick up a new fitness hobby

flywheel spin cycle

Attending Flywheel classes with friends

7)      Cook for myself more – learn to make new healthy staples

Yummy salad with homemade dressing

Yummy salad with homemade dressing

8)      Take advantage of new city

Hanging off the ledge at Sears Tower

Hanging off the ledge at Sears Tower

9)      Take advantage of new found proximity to family (with move to Chicago) and spend more time with little sister

roller coaster

Roller-coastering with lil sis

10)      Take steps to show some semblance of putting yourself first

11)      Learn to say no

12)      Bring down the mile-high fence/barricade/guard and give trust and a new relationship a chance

Ice skating at the zoo.  It snowed.  It was perfect.

Ice skating at the zoo in Chicago. It snowed. A friend snapped this when we weren’t looking.

Decidedly, 2013 was pretty good to me.

A great portion of the positive in 2013 stemmed from this blog.  Writing these posts, however inconsequential they may seem, has come to be a huge part of my life.  I love connecting with readers from my  backyard as well as all over the world.  I love reading what others are generating.  I love finding commonalities.

So thank you, friends, for making 2013 Awesome.

I think I’m ready for 2014.



A Moment for Times Square

Times Square at Night

On Day 35 I took in Times Square for the 457th time (give or take a few).

For you New Yorkers: I know what you’re thinking.  5 minutes on the sidewalk in front of the Hard Rock or the giant Forever 21 between 45th and 46th streets is enough to raise your blood pressure and have you running to the nearest clinic for an EKG.

It’s loud.  It’s crowded.  It’s obnoxious.

But it’s happy.  This bright epicenter of New York City is covered with tourists from all over the world who come to see the giant TV screens, the lights of Broadway and the center of the entertainment industry.

Lucky for me, I had a 12-year-old tourist in tow who was thrilled to be seeing those lights for the very first time.  We explored as much of Times Square as we could before needing to duck and cover…

We took a ride on the indoor Ferris wheel at Toys R’ Us (Mr. Potato Head!).  We played in Wonka Land.  We tried on Cinderella accessories at the Disney store.  We ate as many M&M’s from M&M World as we bought. We went into too many NY souvenir shops (serious commitment).   We checked out the Hard Rock.

Finally, we took a moment atop the “stairs” to look out onto the sea of people that had traveled to see this most famous intersection.  Ironically, getting lost in the crowd can offer its own moment of zen.

We stood, we smiled and we ended the night with a slice of New York pizza.