A Watercraft and Some Reflection

On Day 31 (the milestone is here!!) I found myself on a large floating vessel docked on the Hudson River looking out onto the Statue of Liberty.

How did I end up here?

I took a chance.  On impulse.

Walking by a marina during lunch time, I noticed a couple individuals on a gorgeous boat.  We exchanged waves and smiles.  There were introductory hand gestures, sign language and awkward giggling.

A minute later I decided that life was too short not to run over and make some new friends.  And run I did (ok it was more like a trot in heels and a pencil skirt, mobility was limited).

We shook hands.  We gave our 1-minute life stories.  We planned a possible rendezvous on the yacht (my people will meet your people).

Thus, on this 31st experience, I learned loud and clear what I suspect I’ve been learning all along: 1) life is too short not to live in the moment and go with experiences that are presented and 2) you never know what the day will bring.

I met some incredibly interesting and nice people.  I spent time aboard ship!  I got a totally different perspective on New York from the water. I Learned about film-making, poetry, new technology and the latest Kardashian issues (I had no choice in the matter).

As I stood out on the deck, I thought about my journey thus far on these first kick-ass 31 days.  It’s amazing all the experiences I’ve had just by doing what I love (dancing), experiencing my own culture (Russian events) and letting loose and relaxing (spa anyone?).  Who would have thought when I awoke (late as usual) on this “typical” work day that I would end up discussing the art of film-making aboard a beautiful ship.

There’s a lot more to come… but for now:  I raise my glass of white wine to the journey.

Definitely Awesome.

Cold Rush of Awesome

Day 13 had a number of AWESOME parts to it.  The highlight for me was experiencing something old and something new at the same time: taking a leap off the dock into the largest and longest river in New England.

Conveniently, this body of water sits about a 10 minute walk from central campus and is the site of our school’s popular crew team and a place where students can enjoy the warmth of the summer and spring months (as well as the site of a few college traditions/challenges involving no clothing and a somewhat long swim across).

I mentally prepared myself for about an hour to dunk myself in the cold water (the bottom of rivers scare me!!).  Once I convinced a friend to leap off with me, I was good to go.  It was a nice rush of cold and excitement to be floating on the river with former classmates and old friends.

Turns out treading water in the pristine waters of New Hampshire (this is no Hudson river…) is a great opportunity to catch up.

The day also included laying out on the dock, a pig roast, multiple rounds of pong (where my friend and I came back from multiple losses to dominate!!) and a class-wide dinner tucked into the woods.  Day 13 was awesome…