Apartment Hunting: The Despair, The Agony… The Jubilant Elation

layout studio apartment brand new unit

view from rental building where new apartment is

On Day 41, I culminated a 3-day apartment search.

I met a couple brokers to begin (and hopefully) end the search for my new apt.

As to be expected… the process was frustrating and nail-biting fun.

In order to make it harder for myself (I like a good challenge), I gave myself 72 hours to find myself a new apartment (in a brand new city), turn in an application and sign a lease (not to mention explore different neighborhoods, visit with friends and get some work done….)

Piece of cake!

Day 1.

3 hours into this day I was ready to call the search off.  Apartment 1 had walls that didn’t meet the top of the ceiling.  Apartment 2 reeked of cigarettes.  Apartment 3 was built in 1961 and had a kitchen fit for a pre-world war I exhibit.


By the end of the day, I was rethinking any sort of move and wondering which part of “new apartment with nice kitchen” was misunderstood.

Morning of day 2 I tried to give myself a pep talk (key word “tried”) and did my best not to put broker number 2 in a choke-hold and list out my demands.

7 buildings and 20 apartments later, I was seeing spots resembling kitchen and bedroom layouts and trying to remember which unit I liked more than the others.  My state (and the broker’s mood) could be explained by the following behavioral issues:

  • Trying to take naps in “model” apartments
  • Eating a larger fraction of snacks than normal at every building (Lollipops! Goldfish! Cookies!)
  • Staring blankly when asked where I live now
  • Haggling with building managers
  • Asking “inappropriate” questions about building demographics (what is the male to female ratio and how many males between the ages of 25-32?)

I may have had froot loops in my head by the end of the day, but I knew that I had seen some awesome units that might make my new apartment dreams come true.

By 5pm on day 3, I had an apartment.

Yes, I had spoken to everyone I knew on the phone.  Yes, I had a friend look over every single layout and make a pro/con list for me (typical friend duty).

The end result was complete success and excitement for a new apartment and a move to a new city.

(Now just have to make some decorating decisions)


3 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting: The Despair, The Agony… The Jubilant Elation

  1. NICEEE!!! You amaze me as always. Congrats!!! Pottery Barn better be ready for you! And dont forget to watch the home decorating shows for good tips 🙂

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