Fueling the Entrepreneurial Fire


It felt like the coldest day in Chicago thus far.

A friend and I traded Uggs, hats and generally appropriate attire used in negative temperatures for heels and skirts.

We were headed to an alumni happy hour in our new city and chose to ignore frost-bite chilling temps (naturally).

After being outfitted with drinking wristbands in our school’s color at the pub (never gets old) we were ready to meet fellow alumni who called Chicago home.

And after first standing in the bathroom to de-freeze and run hot water on frozen fingers we were ready to go.

We drank 3 dollar beers on special (dream).  We caught up with old friends.  We made some new ones.

A few introductions later, I found myself deep in conversation with a fellow Gen-Y alumnus about the extraordinary ventures so many of our peers were engaged in post-college.

We traded our own desires for the future, discussed our jobs, personal projects and the spirit and creativity by which we were surrounded.

The conversation was the cherry on top of an entrepreneurial-themed week.

Exciting things people in my life are doing:

  • A friend taking her love of baking to the next level by launching a cake pop venture.
  • A friend working every week with her band, holding a debut concert and promptly booking a couple shows.

I can’t help but be inspired.

We “millennials” might have the reputation of lacking loyalty and feeling entitled but survey says we are also creative, collaborative and above all else – entrepreneurial – (reportedly we also “take no bullshit” – I’ll accept that).

Either way I’m feeling proud and motivated.

And impressed.


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