For the Love of Role-Modeling

skating coach

This past week, a younger co-worker asked to shadow me at work;

I was offered the opportunity to coach a group of figure skaters ages 6-8;

I was assigned a prospective candidate to interview for my college.

My plate was pretty full and little sleep was had (nothing new)…

But I threw myself into each experience.

And in the process remembered how much I adore mentoring, coaching and passing on wisdom (used loosely here).

Each separate event had me deep in preparation.  I outlined appropriate questions to ask an ambitious high schooler, considered work tasks most interesting and even went on the United States Skating Association website to look up basic skills I may have forgotten (I admit it).

The result was worth the effort.

Offering work advice left me feeling humbled.

Speaking to a high school student determined to surpass insurmountable life obstacles was inspiring.

And helping to mold a new generation of athletic character in the form of 6 and 7 year olds…

Was just plain Awesome.

7 thoughts on “For the Love of Role-Modeling

  1. All the things you do seem so fun! I was a camp counselor during my college summers, instead of saying “STAFF” on the back of our shirts it said “ROLE MODEL”, a daily reminder that we were shaping the youth.

    • First off – thank you. I try live life to it’s fullest and although I do believe “youth is wasted on the young” – I’m actively looking for the positive and seeking out great experiences (and trying to whine less ;). Secondly, I LOVE the t-shirts! That’s an idea I will keep tucked away for future projects. Very cool. Thanks for reading!

  2. GREAT post! It is truly inspiring to hear how you take out time every single day to help others and pass on some of your wisdom and skills.

  3. that is awesome! i have an 8 year old and volunteer in the class sometimes on science-related topics–this age is just priceless…they just eat up what you tell them and just aim to please. It’s so great you did this—keep sharing your talent!

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