On Top of the World

Day 12 of AWESOME in New Hampshire…  today a couple of my best friends and I decided to engage in an activity that we somehow missed during our four years on campus: climbing to the very top of our iconic library’s tower.

The library at my college is the symbol of our campus and sits right in the middle at the sight of our “sacred center” (my only takeaway from Freshman year’s religion 1 class).  The top of the tower is a beacon at school.  It shines green to let us know when important people are on campus (so we “behave”), the bell chimes our Alma Mater at the same time every day and sits above the central location to study (socialize) on campus.

We climbed too many flights of stairs and uncomfortably steep ladders to make it to the top.  It was worth it.  The view was breathtaking.  You could see in all directions – miles of mountains, forest and the structures that make up our school.  It all looked too perfect from that high above to house the debauchery that was occurring down below.  I felt lucky to have spent four years inside such a beautiful bubble.

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