Joan Rivers and Life Advice

Day two of Awesome: Joan Rivers’ book signing.  Stumbled on this randomly while talking to a friend at work about what I could possibly get myself into tonight.  She suggested I leave work immediately and get a seat at Joan’s new book signing (“I hate everyone…starting with me”).

Fantastic and inspirational night! Met Joan, made some new friends and received some unexpected wisdom from a stranger who happened to be sitting next to me (who told me that in order to be happy with anything/anyone you must first be happy with yourself and what you do; how fitting!).

Joan paraded in, answered questions (30 minutes of standup) and signed books for everyone.  I’ve always found her funny but didn’t know I was the president of her fan club.  The things that come out of her mouth (the “honest” truth) had the entire auditorium rolling with laughter.  Most of it was highly inappropriate.  And I LOVED it.  She’s a class act.  And there was also some inspiration.

On presidential campaigns:

“All the money spent by both R and D should be combined and given to the New York Education System”

On the shit that happens to you in life:

“Keep moving through the shit.  Just keep going.  And wear blinders.”

Will do Joan…

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