Let the Sun Shine in


Today the sun came out.

Literally and figuratively.

Yes.  It was the coldest day Chicago has seen in 2 years.  And Yes. It felt like hypothermia was upon me after3.4 minutes out the door.

But.  The sun was shining.


I indulged in this mood lifter by having myself a serious me day filled with fitness.

Although January is usually a hard month for me, for some reason, the winter, in particular, this year is hitting me hard.

Given the fact that I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, grew up in Michigan, went to school on a frigid mountain and spent the entirety of my life figure skating (summers too)… you’d think this was all routine by now.

Not this winter.

I’m shocked every time I go outside and it isn’t 70 and I stare at people who are dressed in anything less than Eskimo-wear.  Secretly I’ve been hell-bent on pretending I’ve never experienced cold while plotting to run away to the other side of the equator.

What I needed today was to indulge myself in the kind of days I love most.  The kind of days I used to have during the summers when my coach would pick me up at 5am for a day’s worth of stretching, working out and off-ice and on-ice training.

Today I pushed myself to remember all those moves that muscle memory ingrained for two decades.

I know I’ve written before about going back to the ice.  Today I felt more confident and trained as if I’d never left.

I thought of nothing but the task in front of me.

It. Felt. Great.

After practice I took the train an hour back downtown for some pilates and yoga where I crunched, stretched and zen-ed through the adrenaline I had left.

By the 7th downward dog, I was exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time and felt like I’d found my center.

I ended the day by watching my favorite show with some tea.

And honey.

And some chocolate.


13 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine in

  1. First of all, that is the most adorable picture ever and I think that costume needs to come back for Halloween 2013. Next, this was a really wonderful post. It is inspiring to read about you going back to something you really love and has been a huge part of your life. I also really love your message about finding the sun and the bright things in life even though it may be the coldest day in years. Taking time for yourself is the most important thing and there are few things better than watching tv with tea and chocolate after spending time doing things you love to do.

  2. You have certainly taken the “10 Little Things List” to a wonderful level of true understanding and control and ability to “patner and manage” whatever life brings. It is truly “Awesome” Take Care, Be Well and Enjoy, Caroline Bouton

  3. Love the outfit! I agree with Amy! Adorable!
    Also check out a crossfit class. TONS of former college athletes say its the athletic and competitive outlook they were looking for after they no longer had the structure of college sports.

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